Workforce Planning

Over the past 3 years Response has delivered Workforce Planning training to CEOs, HR Managers and Operational Managers from Disability Services all over Australia.

The roll out of the NDIS presents many challenges to the sector, from managing a changed business and financial situation to attracting and developing the right support people to meet the needs and preferences of the customers.

As participants in the training groups considered their current situation and how they will meet their future workforce needs, several common themes emerged:

  • The lack of workforce data across the sector
  • The need for a more diverse workforce
  • The changing nature of support work
  • The potential shortfall of workers
  • The need for better utilisation of staff through self-managed teams
  • Attracting carers and people with disability (the Hidden Workforce) to work in the sector

The Workforce Planning Training is an experiential learning course that builds the capability of the participants and their organisations to undertake a process of workforce planning. They are supported to consider their workforce risks and issues and create strategies for their organisation to move towards the workforce of the future.

A sustainable business needs workers who will:

  • maintain positive ongoing relationships with customers
  • understand the implications of choice and control in the NDIS framework
  • work in a more responsive and autonomous way in a self-managed team dedicated to supporting the needs of their customers

These themes are picked up in the delivery of the
Certificate IV in Disability

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